Spin Strategies

Three Symbols Event!

1. Only hunt for the 3 symbols, do not focus on raids or attacks.
2. They come in 2 different "ways".
3. First it will take a long time, try to figure out here how to play.
4. First comes after 60-70 spins or sometimes 90 spins.
5. Others come after 20-30 spins or sometimes 40 spins as well.

Pattern to spin

For the long one
With Bet Blast
1x - 40 times
20x - 15 times
50x - 15 times
75x - 10 times (only if you want to bet higher than x50 otherwise you can stay on x50 until you get them there)

Without Bet Blast
1x - 40 times
20x - 20 times
50x - until you get it

For the short one
With Bet Blast
1x - 10 times
20x - 10 times
50x - 10 times
75x - until you get it (you can also continue on x50 until you get it)

Without Bet Blast
1x - 10 times
20x - 10 times
50x - until you get it

If you hit 3 symbols quickly 2 times, the next 3 anchors will come after a long period. It can even come after 110 spins. So please, be really careful and ALWAYS try to remember how many spins every stage has taken, and always keep track of it.

1. If you do not have many spins, do not run this tactic, spin in lower (x) 
2. Since you are already counting all the spins, write down how many spins each anchor took to arrive, then you can always check the fast and the long version.

Raid Master

This is how I played;

20 spins at x1

20 spins on x5 

20 spins on x10

10 spins on x25

5 spins on x50

5 spins on x75 (change if not bet blast)

If I dont get raid after x75 then I start again at x25. But then I spin 5 spins on x25 and 5 spins on x50 and 10 spins on x75 and do the same if I don't get Raid after x75.
I'm just going for the raid, not the joker symbol or the hammer.

Attack Master

Attack Master

Here's how I play

4 spins on x1

4 spins on x5

4 spins on x10

4 spins on x25

4 spins on x50

If you don't get the hammer, start over at x5 and not x1. If you get it before x50 or at x50 then start at x1.

NOTE! If I switch to x50 and start over at x5 I only run 2 spins on x5 and x10. If it comes during this round, start from x1 but run 2 spins on all except x25 and x50 still run the same on these (4 spins). If it comes early this round it will come again early. Then start with x10 4 spins, then followed by the rest 4 spins (after 4 spins on x50 it will not start again on x10 again with 4 spins).