5 Tips on how to get alot of spins on coinmaster

1.  Save Up Coins
The first tip on how to get alot of spins in coimaster is to start making a Bank! 

starting a bank can be very hard at first, you will only save up a couple of b and get raided a lot. But if you are patient and you finally get over that 10b amount it will get so much easier to sustain it.
In my opinion you should never go down below 30b so that you will always be prepared when a viking or village event shows up.


2. Viking Event
Completing EVERY single viking event is really important if you want to get a good amount of spins. i have a good trick for viking event here, go check it out.

you will get between 5k-10k spins and 2 random gold cards that you havent unlocked witch will help alot.

3. Set Blast
Completing card sets only when its Set Blast!
you want to try to get all the gold cards BEFORE getting all the white cards, so when you have all the golds you will just wait for the next set blast before opening the last white card that can be traded. 
so when its finally time for set blast you can open like 5 sets at once. and get 30-50% more spins for all your sets!

The way i do this is i never ever buy chests. i just get all my gold cards from either Viking event or Gold Trade events. and when i have all the golds i trade my self all the white cards and then i just save them in the gift tab without opening them. and when set blast comes around i unlock all at once.

4. Village Master
You should never ever go up a village if its not Village Master!
The best way is to save up say 30b, and when its village master you will go up
say 10 villages, and you will gain around 100 spins, 30k pet xp and 500mil for each village you level up! depending on what village you are on. so thats over 1k spins and 300k pet xp just from gaining villages.

5. Now Your Limit
Dont take any chanses to try to win a price if you dont think you can get it before you are runing out of spins. The last thing you want is to be half way to win 10k spins and you have 0 spins left and the clock is ticking.
So its better to be safe then sorry!