Big Raids

The Key to Getting coins fast in this game is to do alot of big raids.

You should have atleast 2 friends that ALWEYS have a thew B in the bank so you can raid each other as much as you want without your economy taking damage of it.

If you alweys have 20b+ some 50m raids a day wont do anything to you.

So, you want do have some one you can raid, like in this picture for example.


And you should alweys put all your xp on Foxy and only use that pet beacouse you will earn so much more coins.

With the help of foxy in this raid i made
34 362 000 x50 = 1 718 100 000 With only the foxy in ONE raid.

So thats a good start on a bank in just one raid.

keep it up and good luck!