Spinning Guide

Hammer.  3x hammers will allow you to attack another players  village and destroy one building with it. In the attack mode, you will be given five choices to pick on which you can attack. Hammer strikes can bee stoped using a shield or the rhino pet. If your opponent is using shields to defend his village, you will get a little share of his coins. Hammer will break the shield and then it will disappear.

Shields.   If you get 3x shields you can be confident that you will not be attacked for at least one attack. When anybody attacks you, your Shield will be broken. Suppose you have three shields already, your new Shield will not be wasted. You will be receiving a new spin instead.

Raid Pigs.   When you get 3 pigs faces, that means you are going to some ones village, and you are trying to steal their treasure. There will be four marks on their land, and you will be getting to dig from 3 of these marks. One of those spots will not have any coins below them.If you manage to get coins from all the marks you will get a perfect raid. Remember, other players can also raid your village.

Coins. if you get 3x coins you will get a low amount if coins.

Pouches. 3x pouches will give you a bigger amount of coins.

Energy Bar. 3x energy bars will give you more spins! It will give you 10x the amount you are betting. so if you bet 50x you will get 500 spins.