How to get free spins in coin master

I will try to make a complete guide of all the ways you could imagine that will give you spins for free, easy step to step guide.

If you follow all these steps the game will bee so much easer and more fun to play! If i have missed anything then please let me know what i can add to the guide!

Spin Links

By far the easest and fastest way to get free spins in coin master is to use the daily links! You can find them HERE where i will update them daily! There is usually about 2-4 spin links per day and a thew coin links aswell but the spin links are most important.

Invite Friends

One more simple method to earn free spins is to invite friends to play coin master throu facebook. Depenting on what village you are in you will get between 20-120 spins for each friend that joins coin master. Remmember that you can only do this one time with each friend.

Connect Your Account To Facebook

If you havent already connected you accaunt to facebook go ahead and do so and you will earn a thew spins just from signing up. Then start to add as many players as possible so that you can both send and reciev spins from all of you coin master friends. You can have a total of 200 friends. So thats 200 free spins EVERY day of you have friends that play and send spins daily!

Viking Event

The Best way for sure to gain ALOT of spins is to complete the viking event.I have a guide on how to complete if with low coins HERE. But if you want to complete it as fast as possible like i do it, you should have atleast 20B+ in the bank saved up. And then you juust max bet on every level and you should bee all good to win that 5000-10 000 spins and 2 gold cards! This is the best event in my opinion, you just trade coins for spins!

Complete Card Sets

Complete card sets is a very good spin making method aswell! Try and collect as many gold cards as possible and when you have a bunch of card sets with all gold in them you simple trade yourself some withes to fill out all the sets, but you dont open the cards that you reciev, you will hold on to them! And when there is the next Set Blast Event you will open all your traded white cards and cash in all the spins from leets say 10 sets, and you will also get the 50% spin bonus from all the 10 sets! Thats a huge gain!

Complete Villages On Village Master Event

The biggest mistake i see so many new players to is they just climping all the villages without doing it when there is village master event! You will waste soo many spins by doing this. Okey first thing to do this the right way is to save up leets say 1-20B and next time there is an village master event you will spend all that cash and climb like 10-20 villages at the same time! and for each village you will gain around 40-200 spins depenting on what village you are on, so if you gain 20 villages thats 800-4000 spins just from leveling up villages! Thats to good to miss out on.