Coin Master Complete Guide

On this page, I have put together a complete coin master guide with everything that you need to know, for the complete beginners, and the more advanced players. Coin master is a super fun game to play either by your self or with a bunch of friends together, to help each other out with cards and free spins.

Here you will get the newest spin links every day as soon as they come out, how to complete the Viking quest easy, how to go into ghost mode, how to get over 100 000 spins easily, and everything that you need to know when you are going to start to save up money for banking.

Daily Free Spin Links

25 spins 09.06.2020
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On this list that is over this post, you will always find the newest daily free spin links for coin master that I myself update every day as soon as the new ones come out if there is ever a slight delay of updating the links than something probably got in my way, so thank you guys for the patient with me.

List Of Where To Find All Cards

I have been through the struggle of spending just bills and bills on chests and haven't received any new cards that I needed at all at the time. That was when I thought that it might had to do with what village level you are on.

So I started to chat with other players to get their opinion on this question, and they felt the same way. so I started to gather information from players all over coin master so we could build up a list from all the users chest spending, to see what cards me and them had.

You can find the full card list if you click the button bellow. It will take you to my card list page on this site.

The Three Symbols

The Hammer
When you spin and you land on three hammers its destruction time! Now you have the chance to either destroy on building that one of your friends has built up to try to sink them down a little bit, or you can destroy one random player building. Many people around coin master are playing by something called ¨The Rules¨ and that means that you should not attack another friend at no circumstances, and if you are about to raid someone you must give a head up so they can spend their coins before you Robb them. Now after you have destroyed someone's building you will get a small cash bonus. If you have your Tiger pet it will increase your coins when you attack other people.

The Pig
If you happen to get three pigs at the same time you're in luck! This is for sure my favorite three symbols to get, this is the way to gain the most amount of money on the whole game, with the cost of robbing someone that might be your friend. You can avoid robbing your friend by going into ghost mode and play there. If you want to know how to do that, just tag along to this guide, it will come further down on this page. So when you get the three pigs you will come to another player's village, either your someone of your friends or just a completely random person, its totally random who it will be. And now it will pop up 4 different holes that you want to try and dig in for coins. There will only be coins in 3 of the 4 holes, and in some cases, you will find a random chest in one of the holes. There will be one large cash stack and two smaller, if you get all three cash stacks you will get a perfect raid, and if you bring your Foxy pet you will get a huge coin bonus that I totally insane when your pet reaches a high level.

The Shields
We have all been there when you are only one building left from gaining a new village, and from out of now where a random so-called ¨friend¨, suddenly attacks one of your buildings, and now have ruined your whole plan. If you happen to get three shields when you spin, you will get as many shields as the number of spins that you bet. so x1 is 1 shield and x2 is 2 shields and so on. It is highly recommended to always have 3 shields when you are in the middle of building up your village. But if you are playing with a bank you NEVER have to think about having shields, you will find out how to do that if you keep reading.


The Foxy will be the first pet that you will unlock when you are starting to play coin master, and it is by far the absolute best pet compared to the other ones. Foxy has the incredible perk of giving you a percent bonus to all the raids that you get. You should always put all the pet XP that you get on Foxy, this is the pet that will make you without any doubt the most coins when you are playing. You will get a higher % for every time that your Foxy levels up, so getting Foxy to a high level from the start is essential.

The tiger will be unlocked as soon as you have completed the Beasts Card Collection set, this will be your second pet to unlock. The Tiger will give an attack bonus for every time that you attack another player's village, I would have to say that there is absolutely no reason at all to be playing with this pet. The Foxy is far more superior and will get your many games up so much more. The only time that you should put in pet XP to the Tiger is when you have a high level in your Foxy, and you want to increase your start count a little bit.

You will unlock the Rino as soon as you have completed the Creatures Card Collection set. This will be your third, and last pet to unlock. The Rhino won't makes you any coins at all, but it might save you some coins tho. There is nothing worse when you have been building your village with all your hard-earned coins, and you log out for a couple of hours, and when you come back your whole village is destroyed, here is when the Rhino steps in to help you. The Rhino will actually give you a 10% chance to block an attack on your village, the level of percent will increase dramatically when you reach a higher level in your Rhino. This could be really helpful if you are planning to build your village halfway through, or if you want to complete your village but you miss calculated and now you are only one building out from completing the whole village.

Viking Event Trick

The Viking quest are for a lot of people super annoying and will ruin some players bank completely with no return at all, trust me I've been there. That's when one of my dear friends told my little Viking event trick and it has made all the difference to me.

So here is how you do it.

How to complete the Viking Quest event in coin master!

This is an easy step to step guide on how to complete the Viking event without having to spend bills and more bills.

Step 1: 
Start at second betting choice that you have. spin until you have achieved the double amount of coins that you started with. 

step 2:
spin at 4th coin choice 2 times

step 3:
spin on 5th choice 2 times

step 4:
spin on last coin choice 2 times

step 5:
repeat steps 2-4 until you hit the BONUS

once you get the BONUS, repeat the steps 1-5 until you need more coins!

Big Raids

If you want to do good in coin master and beat your competition, then you must do lots of big raids, this is the absolute key on how to get far ahead of the game. This also helps you to complete all there Viking quests easy and fast. Instead of getting a thew mill per raid, you can easily get 1-10 b per each raid. This is how you do it.

You must start by getting 2 friends that play with a bank,¨bank¨ means that you always have around 20b+ in your bank, now you will automatically always raid one of either one and depending on what village level you are on, the more you will be able to earn on each raid.

So when you have at least 2 friends that are playing with the bank, the other key factor to this, is that you must use your Foxy pet for the raid bonus perk. 

In this picture, I am raiding a friend on 49,800,000 coin stack. He is playing with bank as well, so I can do this just over and over again.

On this one raid, juts because i have my Foxy activated, I got a 34,362,000 coin bonus from doing absolutely nothing extra at all, this is for sure the best coin masking pet that exists.

So the total coin I got from the raid was ‭84 162 000‬ x 50 = 4,208,100,000 from only one raid.

Play With Bank

Playing with bank is essential if you want to be good at coin master, and it's super easy to do if you know to right way on how to do it, playing with the bank is really only when you always are having at least 20b at all time, I like to think to myself that 20b for me is the same as 0 coins. Everything that is below 20b, I can't touch, so that's my lowest point I will ever go to. 

When you have friends that are also playing with bank, you and your friend will always get those super big raids every time, that I thought you have to do in the latest post that you read. If you are a low-level account and you find it hard to get the cash up, id has to say that you need to keep yourself from buying chests and villages for a thew day, so you can get your bank up.

The benefits of playing with a bank are huge, every time that you want to ain a new village level, you can just buy the entire village at the same moment without having to face the risk of being attacked. And you can also set an auto clicker to buy your chests for hours without having to do anything for yourself.

When you have over 20b and you are being readied every day you won't even notice it, because it's so small amounts that you will loose compared to the bank that you have, so don't worry about that at all.

Play With Ghost Mode

Playing with ghost mode is a super cool thing that you can do, that many players don't even know that it's possible. It will make you completely safe from all raids and attacks from all the people on your friend list. The bots can still attack you tho, but not your friends. The only downside to this is that you cant be trading any cards, getting any big raids, or give or receive any free spins meanwhile. But it's totally worth it if you don't want o to be attacked. How I do it, is a do-all my big raids until I get like 20-30b and then I get into ghost mode, and now my money is safe.

okay so this I how you go into Ghost Mode

1. You want to go into your Facebook profile that you have your coin master account linked to.
2. Go into your privacy settings.
3. Now click on Apps and websites.
4. Click on Edit, and after that Edit Platform.
5. Here you want to hit the button that says Turn Off Platform.

Now you are done! After you have done this, it will usually take about 3-4 hours until the changes happen. so be patient.

How To Get Free Spins

Here I will show you all the different ways that I possible to get free spins from, an easy step to step guide, please feel free to comment I have missed any method that exists. 

Spin Links
By far the easiest way to get free spins in coin master is to use the daily free spin links that I post on a regular base on the top of this page, you will anything from 10 to 50 spins per link that is up.

Invite Friends
This is also a simple way to get free spins, all you have to do is to invite some friends to play coin master, and depending on what village you are on when you invite them, you will get around 20 to 120 spins for each friend that joins. So if you got plenty of friends that aren't playing already you got a big chance of getting plenty of spins.

Connect Your Account To Facebook
If you have been playing offline this whole time without connecting to Facebook, you can do that and you will earn a thew free spins just by signing up, and when you are signed up you can start to add as many players as possible to get the maximum amount of daily free spins sent to you. You can only have a total of 200 coin master friends, so that's 200 free spins that you will get daily, just remember to sent spins back to every that is sending spins to you.

Viking Event
Completing the Viking Event is by far the best and fastest way to get super many free spins. It will cost you coins tho, but when you play with the bank you will get it back instantly. The best way to complete the Viking quest is to save up bank to at least 20b, then you can just put a max bet on at putting your phone to the side for an hour approximately. Then you have lost thew bills, but you have gained over 11k spins, or some times 5k, it will depend on the Viking quest rewards! 

Complete Card Sets
This is also a very good method to get some free spins, the absolute best method in my opinion to complete card sets is, try to collect as many gold cards as you possibly can, every time there is a gold card event, try to get both the gold cards every time. And when you have a bunch of card sets with all the gold cards already in them, you want to trade yourself all the remaining white cards. But don't open them until there is you Set Blast event, and then you will open all the white cards that you have, and you will unlock a bunch of sets at the same time and get the 50% bonus on all of them from the Set Blast event.

Complete Villages
This is one of my favorite ways to get a bunch of free spins at no cost to you at all! Not many people know about this trick at all, and they are totally missing out on a huge number of free spins. I will constantly see players climbing village levels without doing this trick, and I always try to help them by showing then this tip. 

Thirst of you must begin to start a bank, if you have a bank stacked up to around 20b+ then you are good to go! Leets say you are village 80 and you have 20b in the bank. You want to wait until the next Village Master event and then buy as many villages as you possibly can. So let's say you go up 20 villages immediately, that's gonna give you 40-200 spins depending on the % of the event at the time and on what village level you are on. That is 800-4000 spins! Just from doing nothing at all. Think about how many spins that is from village 20~ to 200 if you don't do this trick.

How To Get Over 100k Spins

Save Up Coins
If you want to get over the 100k spin mark just follow along for this guide, its gonna be super easy when you know all the little tricks to get successful in coin master. Ruel number one that you must follow is, Save Up Coins. This is the first and most important rule, starting a bank can be really hard at first, I know I was for me at least. You need to be able to get over 20b for a good starter bank amount, but it's going to be super hard not to spend it, so when you are finally able to hold up a bank at all time without spending it all, you are going to get further in the game so much faster. In my opinion, you should never ever go down bellow 20b UNLESS there is a Viking event that will gain you a lot of spins, then it's totally worth it.

Viking Event
And now, while I'm talking about the Viking Event I have to say that completing it is the second most important thing that you can do to step up your game and get that spin stack going towards 100 000. Completing the Viking Event every time it's available will grant you between 5-10k spins and 2 random gold cards that you are in need of, if you do this every time, you WILL get to a hundred thousand spins in no time at all, I can ensure you that.

Set Blast
The third most important thing that you can do to get a lot of spins is to only complete card sets only when the Set Blast event is going on. What you want to do is, you wan to try and get all the gold cards before you get all the white cards, so when you have all the gold cards already you just have to trade with other players to get the remaining cards that you need, but don't open them yet. wait for the next Set Blast event and now you will open all the white cards that you have received, and unlock 5-10 card sets at the same time and get a huge bunch of spins. If you don't do this trick you will miss out on so many spins its unbelievable.

Village Master
You should never go up a village level if it's not an ongoing Village Master event. The best way to do this is to save up about 20b, and when it's the Village Master event once again, you will go up leet say 10 villages at the same time, and you will gain about 100 spins, 30k pet XP and 500mil coins for each village you level up! depending on what village you are on

Now Your Limit
Now, this is the last but not the least important lesson tho. Now your own limit, don't take any chances what so ever when it comes to winning prices. If you don't think that you can get the next price without running out of spins, then don't risk it. The last thing you want to do is to be halfway to winning 10k spins but you run out of yours when you are halfway there. Just wait for the next event instead, and get that spin stack going instead of losing it all. It's better to be safe than sorry.